Lamborghini Murcielago SV 2010 – Satin Black Wrap

This week we have this insane Lamborghini Murcielago Super Veloce. just the name gives you an idea of what you can feel when you speed up !
20150518_091025It look amazing, everyone seen the car said used the same words : loud and insane. But today we have this car to give it a new skin because when you own a car like that, you must go on a track and our customer love enjoying his car in high very high speed.. The front end is full of chips and the car need a re spray but the customer choose to wrap it so we have to get the best result.


Normally we are dismanteling the all car but, in this case it won’t make sense. The original paint is black and we are going for a satin black finish so we should be able to get a really good result without taking the car in parts. One more, unbuilding a car is risky even for an experienced person and when you have a 650 000$ car in your hand you re thinking twice before to get any bolts off!



So, the wrap is done we have just loose the mirrors to slide our vinyl under. To do it, you just need to unbolt the 3 bolts holding the mirror and you will be able to move it enough. (You don’t need to take the door panel off to do it)


An other thing, if you want to do the vans you must turn the engine on to open them. These pieces are not easy to get done because besides that you can not breathe because of the exhaust gases and the noise, the heat of the engine and the suction of the air by the vans will make the vinyl really.. really.. really soft and out of control so.. Enjoy !



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