Porsche Carrera 1984 – PPF City Kit

Some cars after years goes up in value and becomes Classic Cars. That’s what happened with the Porsche 911 which cost around 80 000$ nowadays.

20150611_113808We are welcoming a 1984 Porsche Carrera 911 today for a City Kit paint protection. This car is part of the Porsche Club UK and had won many “Show and Shine” concourses over years which make it full of history.

For Classic Cars like this one, most of databases don’t have the pattern to get a pre cut film so, you can cut it on the carĀ  (only highly skilled people) or create a pattern with tape and cut your film off the car.

The customer just wanted the city kit which includes half 1/3 bonnet and wing, front bumper and mirrors. This kit and the road kit (with full bonnet and wings) are made for road and city use, usually Classic Cars don’t need more except if you are rallying or racing with.


City Kit (PPF) :

– 1/3 Bonnet

– 1/3 Fender

– Front Bumper

– Mirrors

Price : 700$ (Average)

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