Nissan 350Z 2007 – Satin Pearl White Wrap

This nice 2007 black 350Z is going for a beautiful satin pearl white which is one of my favourite color. Just before to keep going, you need to know even if this sounds obvious for me, that white color, even if with a wrap, need a lot of maintenance to keep it clean. Is not an easy job to keep a white car clean and even more when it’s a low and powerful car.

Before to wrap it, we need to do a full detail on it, with a paint rejuvenation which needed.



Then, we did stripped the skirts, bumpers, door handles, mirrors, spoiler and lights down. This car is pretty easy to wrap, around 25 hours but… bumpers…

Yes is not actually that easy because when you get almost a hundred percent result everywhere except in one or two spot that’s really really annoying. The paint is not in a good condition and I had to sand the all front bumper but the real issue bumper lights shapes. The front bumper as well as the rear one has really sharp lights shapes. I’ve tried some 3M primer, it looks good but if you go right on the light corner it does pop up a bit and It might be worst in the next weeks so if it doesn’t stick properly, I advice to just had a piece inner and do a nice edge. Do it in one piece with over heating and over stretching is the worst you can do so prepare your plan with a spare before to rush on.

2015-06-08 22.40.22

Now the car is done, windows have been tinted as well and looks awesome, Ollie is really happy so I’m as well. Such an amazing color !


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