Nissan GTR 35 2009 – Satin Mystique Blue Wrap

For the next 2 weeks we have this gorgeous, insane, Nissan GTR 35. Upgraded with a Linchfield exhaust system, This is quick, really quick ! The GTR is one of my favourite car, let’s see if is a good car to wrap.


Just seeing the shapes, you can think that the back bumper might be tricky to do and is it… I ve tried to do a template to do not unbuild the rear bumper but I’ve decided after some test to take it off to get a better result.

Here start your nightmare… Removing a GTR 35 bumper is a long job, prepare a big boxes because you will need to take off hundred of clips and bolts : wheels arches, boot trim, under cover, bumper bolts, light bolts….. that’s a mission ! Plan a day to do it if is your first time.

20150720_145950Then we have removed the back spoiler, mirrors, fender grill and front bumper. No worries, the front bumper is much easier and quicker to remove that the back one.  This car is a 2009 GTR 35 with the basic inside and it’s really basic actually. I was a bit disappointed when I see the quality and design of the cabin. You feel being in a 90’s jap car. One more, underneath   many bolts are rusty and snap… Disappointed.


Anyway the wrap went pretty well just be very gentle with the back bumper side if you want to get them in one piece, if you re going with a film textures (carbon fibre, printed film…) do it in 3 pieces it will look much better.



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