3M, Avery, Hexis, What’s the best film for Car Wrapping ?

Avery, 3M, Hexis, which wrapping film should you go with ? These three manufacturers are the main leaders in the vinyl wrapping industry in Europe.

Quality : Appearance, sense of touch, color depth and overall looking.

Application : application ease, creases and bubbles forgiveness, heating and stretch resistance.

Durability : strength durability of the adhesive, temperature range resistance, discolouration…


The reviews and ratings are subjective depending on my personal experiences. However, all the technicals specifications are given by the vinyl manufacturer.

My advice if you want to go for a darker color than you have on your vehicle or if you want to go for the same color in satin for example, is to use avery swf. However, if you desire to go for a brighter color (ex from black to white), I recommend to use 3M.

Why ? Avery is for me, always the first choice. According to the data sheets, Avery got 10 years durability where 3M has 7 years and Hexis 5 years. I agree completely I never had any customer who came back for any issues with avery, 3M is pretty rare but you need to wait around 2 weeks to be sure and Hexis unfortunately I don’t have any good examples… there is every time something wrong. I think the adhesive is really not good enough to resist to the weathering and to stay over years.

One more, if you look at the vinyl, even from a color chart, you will notice than Avery is got the best texture, really nice to touch, 3M is got the best colors, really heaven and shiny, and again, unfortunately Hexis has fade colors and a kind of plastic texture. (If you compare the carbon from Avery and Hexis for example, you ll see straight away what I mean). All of them are pretty good to work with. They all got air release which is great and allow to remove it safely.

3M is the sicker film, that why if you go for a really bright color is the best choice, you will get the result as expected. The film is repositionnable but the glue is pretty strong and stick immediately. Every time you will push the film down or heat it you will get strikes, you can t get rid of them that’s the way it is .

Avery is the thinner one, that’s why it might fade your bright color on a dark paint. It is for me the best and easiest to work with, fully repositionnable and very forgivable also; the glue sticks progressively, when you put it down it will stick 50% and then when you heat it and it will never move. It doesn’t let any strikes and you can heat it and get rid of all the creases without marking the film or damage it. That’s the one I recommend to my customers.

About Hexis the great thing is they got a much bigger color range than 3M or Avery but unfortunately you can t rely on or have any warranty. The first thing is it got the lowest temperature range resistance which is between -40 and 80°C where 3M and Avery are around -60 and 110°. That’s important because if you are wrapping a Lamborghini for example all the vinyl around the engine and the exhaust may cross this temperature and burn your vinyl or damage it.
The other thing is the durability, Hexis bid on 5 years lifetime which is really optimistic where 3M says 7 years and Avery 10 years (and this is the actual lifetime if you look after it).


There is some other vinyl manufacturer as Arlon or Oracal which are also in the market for years, and few new brands appears as APA Films, KPMF, VViViD Vinyl… but i did not use them often enough to make a comment.
I hope I ve helped you to decide which vinyl you will go with if you re intending to wrap your car. Anyway, all this vinyl at least will protect your paint and it’s always a good thing to have it. Enjoy !


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