Lamborghini Aventador 2014 – Charcoal Grey Wrap Replacement

A weapon ! Today an Aventador is coming in to replace the wrap on few panels. The car has been wrapped in Dubai couple of months ago avery charcoal grey… same color as the Gallardo !

The customer is from Dubai and let us his car for 3 days. The overall quality looks good and I think is a pretty good wrap but… unfortunately all the finitions have not been done properly and it s popping up everywhere.. I m pretty sure they did not post heat the edges and they put some black scotch tape all around the edges for some reasons. To be honest that the first time I see a wrap sealed with scotch tape… sad… on more on a car like this. Also, when they did cut their overlap, they cut the underneath film also and propabably the paint so, with the heat, the vinyl moved and you can see a white line… every panel should be redone.We decided to replace the roof, the back bonnet, the driver mirror and the passenger skirt which is the most damaged and bad looking panels and try to touch up the rest of the car to make it looks better.


Wrapping the car, we discovered other issues, cutting marks covered by black tape, creases, bubbles a bit everywhere… I can bet than this car has been done in 3 days^^ they rushed and nothing is right. One more, they have plasti dipped the door inserts, but they just applied two or three coats maximum so the dip is really thin and fragile and you can even see through…

Anyway, I have redone few panels which looks much better now and I fixed most of bubbles and edges as good as I could. the car looks much better even if it still needs to be re-wrapped from scratch.

20150825_131712 20150825_132713 20150825_16385920150827_110645

20150827_111210The car is leaving tomorrow by trailer and will be delivered in London. It was a nice car to work on even if I would love to have it for longer.

I am not blaming the guys did the wrap, it’s actually not a bad wrap maybe but I don t have all the informations I need and its not my job to judge anyone. I’m just making observations. Car wrapping is like art or gastronomy, if you re going to a fast food you can t expect a degustation menu..

When I m saying is a good wrap I mean if you want to get your car done in 3 days and pay 800$ you can not expect more than this (maybe the did not have enough time, or maybe they are not skilled). I won t be able to do better on my own in 3 days but anyway if you want to build a 5 stars reputations and get a healthy and high end business you should just say no to impatient customers and make sure in everything you do, you try to get the best result possible.


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