Lamborghini Huracan 2015 – Snow Camo Wrap

I am pretty exciting by the new project coming in : snow camo 2015 Lamborghini Huracan 675 bhp ! First of all, the Huracan is the last car of the Lamborghini range I didn’t work on yet, and then that’s also the first time I am going to do a full camouflage, completely custom and handmade, with design line.


The customer is going to the Lamborghini factory in Italy, with the Lamborghini Club UK in a couple of weeks time and, he wants to have a different nice looking car for this event. He doesn’t want to keep the wrap after that, so I am not going to stripe the all car down this time.
20150904_114744Making a custom camo might looks easy, but It s not that easy.
To begin, you need a precise idea of what you re looking for, you need also really good skills with the design line (knifeless tape), at least, you need to be really good at rubix cube and all this kind of game because you need to know exactly what you gonna do, when you gonna do it, and in which order. If you try to improvise, you will fail, hundred percent, or you final result will look crap.
I’m really proud to see how the wrap is going, the customer popped down yesterday and he is amazed how good it looks !  That’s great and it’s giving me some ideas for my personal car…

Anyway, the car is now almost done, I was thinking to do the roof matt black but it actually looks much better with some patches. Just the orange left and job done !


There is paint protection film on this car and on the mirrors so to do it properly in one color I should take it off. The edge of the wrap will be near the edge of the ppf and your vinyl will start to crease straight away because it won’t have enough flat surface to stick properly. One more, the car is black so to get a nice a bright orange I will need to add 2 layers of film. At the end of the day, because of the ppf, the color and also because Lamborghini mirrors are definitely not made to be wrapped, the film won’t last long but the customer just wants it looks good for one trip so with some camo patches well located, it should be fine for couple of weeks.

That’s it, the car is ready to go, it looks awesome. The customer just picked it up and he loves it, I’m looking forward to see some nice shots from Italy and peoples’ faces when they will see it.

2015-09-12 08.53.28

 2015-09-12 08.51.58

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