Mercedes GL350 AMG 2012 – Ultimate Kit

Heavy, really heavy! The first day this huge GL 350 drove it it broke my new tiled floor… a shame.

Anyway is it a massive car, and this customer actually is a returning one. He came a month ago for a full front end protection and is now back to get the rest of the car.

20150818_134751What you need to know if you go for a full clear protection is that you will need to go free hand or do custom kit because no one database neither 3M or Xpel got the kit. Also the bonnet has to be in 2 pieces because the with and the length of the bonnet are bigger than the film itself.20151001_153818

It was not easy at all, custom templates takes ages and gives headache! If you re not equipped to do them through software just give up because at the end of the day you will loose money or you won t be able to do a proper job. One more, even if you get it done pretty well you will never match the finitions of someone with the proper template and spend much more time.


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