BMW M5 2015 – Mat White Wrap (Replacement)

I ve just finished to rewrap the beemer. From white to white which is personally a color I will never go with. If you don’t see why you gonna understand when you re local car wash will run out of you !


Regardless the cleaning pain, this is a lovely color but unfortunately it does fade pretty quickly. This car as you can see was already wrapped, already mat white… We redo it because it’s not great, all the edges are pilling, and the film is broken on few areas.

About the M5, we had to stripe the all car down to remove the older film. BMW and generally all German cars are well built and it s usually easy to remove part without any problem.


From my point of view, the hardest piece to do are the door handles so prepare you for that and some say the front bumper, but, if you go on with a plan you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Just do not rush on it and chuck your film on because even if you can do the all bumper in one piece it won’t stay anyway.


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