Jaguar XF Sport – Silver Chrome Wrap (Part)

A nice project is coming in. Actually, I m exciting to start it because of the film: avery silver chrome. It s always a challenge to apply chrome, and I like that. We have a brand new Jag XF Sport and customer wishes are to had a bit of reflect on it.
The chrome is not really made to do detail parts as door handles and mirrors for example.. but that’s exactly what we have to do !

DSC01641 DSC01647 DSC01691DSC01721

For the mirrors, there not bad at all the shapes is quiet easy fortunately so it’s doable. I ve done it and I m really happy with the result. Even better than expected.
For door handles we decided to do a detail stripe instead of the all handle, because it’s a really small area and there s no enough edge to get proper finition that’s the best thing to do. For the rest of it all fine chrome is of course really hard to work with and apply properly but with accuracy and finesse you can get as good as an other color ( with a proper film I mean). That’s it, job done, I think personally the full skirt is a bit too much, I would rater let the top section the original color but anyway I think it a great success and it looks much better now than before.


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