Mercedes GLE 63S AMG 2016 – Charcoal Grey Wrap

Exclusive! The brand new 2016 Mercedes GLE AMG 63S drove in for a full avery charcoal grey wrap. I know what you re thinking about this color… again ! As crazy as it seems, over 30% of our full wrap since we ve launched Orion are this color. The truth is, it s stealth, easy to maintain, and it looks amazing so I understand why people love this color.

DSC01984DSC02061DSC02115Anyway, let s talk about the car. This new model is massive, loud and doesn’t look bad actually but, the biggest surprise is the on board technology. Wrap talking is really not too bad, except door handles and maybe front bumper, everything can stay on which is great.

Most of the car is done now, is just missing the front bumper and the antenna area, everything else has been put down in a day !

DSC02072Some changes came up this week, I m gonna go back to work on my own and keep moving forward.
I m gonna miss this workshop and It will probably take a bit of time for next posts but I ll be back ! Thanks for following.


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