Jaguar XKR 2015 – Gloss Yellow Wrap

First car done in the new age. A sexy and marvellous jaguar xkr 2015 bi turbo supercharged. This particular one is a special edition for the end of he xkr production, with a custom interior and a bodykit.


Obviously when you talk about wrap, bodykit might be a problem but you need to balance. If we take it off, there is no chance to put it back perfectly, everyone who ever try no how hard is to install a bodykit perfectly. So, we will have to wrap around it. It will take more time, more film but I choose this option.

For the rest of the car, Jag is pretty nice with us car wrapper, things does come off quite easily which is a bit of a surprise for a car like this. The battery is hidden in the boot, don’t forget to put the hardtop down before to unplug it or you will get dust. The only ic is the door handles, to take them off it is quite easy but to unplug it you need to pull the plug toward you in a kind of a rail, to be honest, I failed so, I had to unbuild the whole door panel, and the aluminium cover behind it to be able to access to the connector. By the time you can easily remove the mirrors side as well.


Wrap talking, we spent around 55 hours on this car and it looks gorgeous. When you see it you just think if this car is vinyl wrap, the paint is really dead.

Customers are car lovers who experienced car wrapping for the first time, I think they catch it and they definately loved it. For the first car after the Orion age,  I think the mission is completed brillantly.


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