Ferrari FF 2015 –



This is actually my first post since I left Orion for The Vehicle Wrapping Center and, I have a Ferrari FF to launch it, not bad at all.
It is also the first Ferrari I do a post about, the past jobs I did on ferrari s were minor.

I am doing at the same time a post in the tutorial area about this car showing how to remove rear badge, door handles, door cars, rear lights…

Honestly, I didn’t think this car would be that easy to wrap, except maybe the front bumper grill and the mirrors which are a bit funny but if you are well prepared you shouldn’t have that much problems.

I didn’t use to do a lot of graphics and full printed wrap before but it is a good thing and I can already tell you some more are coming in…

For this car we have used 3M controltac which is really good, the only drawback is the glue lines you get with most of 3M films. It is a bit weird to do such a nice car for advertise but I guess it makes it more unique, isn’t it ? That’s it for this one but I m looking forward for the next post you will love it.


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