Lamborghini Huracan 2015 – Skeleton

This is a special post because, usually I just had on this blog the cars I do completely on my own or mostly. But, this project was so cool and the car look so great that I thought I had to do add it.

Of course I had the chance to work on thisĀ  beauty or I won’t do a post about it but I must say that most of this car has been wrapped by my colleague John W.

Now let’s talk about the wrap we have used 3M controltac and personnaly I think the result looks insane! The customer wants something special for the Gumball Rally 2016 and I think that’s what he has now.


It makes me think about this Huracan I have done snow camo last summer. The customer wanted a special wrap for an event but he loved it that much that he won’t take it off and he still have it today! I feel it’s gonna be same this time again…

About the difficulties, if you are a wrapper you must have in your pocket a proper designer with you because even with him, it’s gonna be a lot of headaches before to get it like that and, if you are a customer, don’t expect the wrap to be done in 2 days because it s not gonna happen.

About dismantling we haven’t take anything off except the rear badge and grill which I had the tutorial here.

That’s it really you propably going to see this car at Gumball if you are there, don’t hesitate to send me your picture of it.


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