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I did my first steps in the motor industry in a local car wash in 2012 in Sydney, Australia and I m now worshop manager for Orion Exclusive in the UK since I m 21 (2015).
Even if the progression looks impressive and quick, it was not without a lot of sacrifices and hard work.

I left my first job in the car wash after couple of days finding a better opportunity in Audi, as used and new vehicule detailer where I ve spent 3 months.

Every time looking for better, I met Chris pretty quickly (Complete Surface Systems). He seen straight away that I was a car mad. The first time I went in his worshop it were a MClaren MP4-12C and a Porsche Carrera. By the time he proposed me to be is apprentice, the wage was not as good but I couldn’t refuse an opportunity like that.

After couple of months learning proper detailing, wrapping and paint protection on high value cars, the business got some financial issues and I couldn’t afford to keep me. After few job searches, I ve realised than even for free, keep learning this kind of skills will pay one day and I knew that I wanted to do this job and nothing else.

During this time I had to sleep on my car with my girlfriend and we did that till we came back, about 3 months. That’s what I call, my training bills. But If you think about, Australia is the best Countryto do some camping and it was nice, really good memories.
Chris did is to help me and teach me as much as possible and he became like a grand brother for me.

Then when I came back in France, not finding a job perspective, I start my own business with nothing and we moved in Geneva to settle it. After a year an a half it was livable but most of the job was vehicle graphics for signage company. During this time I did a 3 month training in windows tinting with Tom (Estetik Cars) against some wrapping job.

One day, I got an unexpected call from Tesla Motors which offering me a position as main detailer in their new service center in Geneva. I ve spend 3 months there and I was chosen to look after the cars during the Geneva Motor Show and the Black Diamond Tour. I left after because the every day job for a dealership is repetitive and you never have time or resources to perform the best result and becoming better.

Very quickly after that I ve seen the Orion ad and apply. Tom (Orion Exclusive Owner) contact me straight away and I went in the next week for an interview, the project was very interesting so I had to move all my stuffs in England to start the next month.

That’s where I m today, always trying to perform a better result, work hard, learn new things and become better each day by improving my skills.


“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible”

Joel Brown


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Just a quick note about the blog’s name. Is not in an arrogant way that I named it like this, but because that’s how I call my job title. If I was a hairdresser I would name it


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